Machu Pichu Day 2

  After a fitful night’s sleep I awoke to the voice of Erick outside our tent letting us know it was time to get up. The night before Erick had suggested that some of us may wish to start out a little earlier than the others, so we would all reach Dead Woman’s Pass around […]

Machu Pichu Day 1

  We arose early on Day 1, at 3am to be precise. We both had only about two hours sleep due to a combination of going late to bed and having a group of revellers making a god awful racket in our hostel. We did not let it dampen our mood. After all, the day […]

En Camino Inca a Machu Pichu

Introduction: One of the questions we have been asked many times this year by the people we meet is, “what has been your favourite (insert variations along the lines of country, place, experience, moment etc..)”. It is a question we have loved spending idle time pondering ourselves. In fact, only about five days ago we […]


  I didn’t give much thought to Cusco before we went there. I knew it was the big city near Macchu Picchu, and that it has an airport and other transport links that make it easy to access that ancient wonder from the rest of the world. But I didn’t think much beyond that, which […]


  There are certain stories that you hear as a child that really capture your imagination. I confess to having been quite taken with the idea of the Arabian desert oasis. The thought of a palm fringed expanse of water surrounded by rolling hills of sand always fascinated me. Though in truth they seemed more […]

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Baked fish with tomato and crumb crust, smashed veges and tartare sauce

Adapted from a recipe on Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals, tested 21/6/2014. Ingredients: 600-700g firm white fish, eg. ling, barramundi or kingfish 500g potatoes1 head of broccoli 2 tsp fennel seeds olive oil For the tomato paste: 2-3 tbsp tomato paste 6-10 cherry tomatoes half to one red chilli 40g parmesan cheese zest of 1 […]

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Tartare sauce

Recipe from Jamie Oliver’s 3o minute meals, tested on 21/6/2014 Ingredients: 2-3 large pickled cucumbers – pickled without sugar 3 tsp baby capers in vinegar 1 handful parsley leaves with stalks Pinch of salt Juice of half to one lemon zest of 1 lemon Quality mayonnaise Method: Put all ingredients except for the mayonnaise into […]

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Urbane – Brisbane 26th April 2013

A sensational meal with Major Mat at Urbane, a top Brisbane restaurant that ranks in the top 30 nationwide according to Gourmet Traveller magazine. Below is the 5-course menu of the evening, with matched wines noted: Amuses bouches: Sweet corn soup, popcorn (frozen) Abalone, herb emulsion Salmon, juniper, chia seed Duck consomme, crispy duck tongue […]

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Salad of Brussels sprout leaves, mozzarella and white anchovies

From Australian Gourmet Traveller, March 2012, p. 11o. Recipe provided by Matt Wilkinson. UNTESTED as at 22.1.2013. The Recipe “You just wouldn’t know how delicious Brussels sprout leaves in a salad are until you actually eat then in this way. This recipe can be adapted: use all sorts of delicious things you like.” Serves 2 […]

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Strawberry syllabub with red wine and pepper jelly

From Australian Gourmet Traveller, March 2012, p.95. Recipe provided by George Biron of Sunnybrae restaurant, south-west Victoria. UNTESTED as at 22.1.2013. The Recipe ” ‘Syllabub is an old English dessert, it’s essentially wine and fruit whipped with cream,’ says Biron. ‘In this version I’ve included black pepper and balsamic vinegar, which are quite commonly used […]

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Salad of succulents with sea urchin and quinoa

From Australian Gourmet Traveller, March 2012, p. 91. Recipe provided by George Biron of Sunnybrae restaurant, south-west Victoria. UNTESTED as at 22.1.2013 The Recipe ” ‘This dish, combining many of the tastes and textures of the sea, makes a great appetiser’, says George Biron. ‘There are many edible succulents now available at good markets. Purslane, […]

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